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This site is a personal project of mine to practice new tools and show off parts of my life. Functionality over design, especially when learning new tools, so please forgive any style choices you don’t agree with, it was probably just the best I could do at that time.

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Portland Native

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, I continued my academic and athletic career at The University of Idaho. During my time there, I was a part of the cross country and track team while focusing on a computer science major and a minor in mathematics.

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My background is in Computer Science and Math
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Personal Life





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C Compiler

This project was for my Compiler Design class. It uses a subset of the C language to teach the fundamental parts of a compiler.

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SQL Database

This project was for my Database Design class. It uses MySQL and PHP to prototype a different style class scheduling.

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Spotify API

This personal project of mine was an opportunity to learn/play with Spotify's APIs and AWS

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C++ Maze

This project was for my data structures class. It reads in a maze text file and determines if it is solvable.

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Recent Tools

Google Maps API

Android Studios



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